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We have created three limited edition Mother & Daughter Brooch Sets to honor the exceptional bond between mother and daughter or MIL and DIL. These brooch sets feature a unique and artistic interpretation of steampunk, beautifully symbolizing the timeless love that exists between family members. Each set is one-of-a-kind, making it the perfect way to celebrate and cherish the one-of-a-kind relationship between mother and daughter or MIL and DIL.


Vivi Sun Studio creates each piece by hand with authentic recycled watch parts encased in fine jewelry-grade resin.


• Vintage watch movements, resin and brass

• Brooch size 1 1/16" in diameters

Mother & Daughter Steampunk Brooch Set - Circle

  • A: We love brainstorming with our customers to make one of a kind design of their own for wedding, anniversary, or any special occasion. Or, if you like certain design, but wish for a different color or shape, we are glad to do that for you as well.

  • A: Sure! And, there is no extra charge for the 2nd US address. Please fill the information at above. 

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